Fragments de réalité


Fragments de réalité_site-specific land art installation, Prélong park (Murol) Auvernie,

Horizons ART NATURE massif de Sancy, France

An artificial ray of light filters poetically through the foliage

Fragments de réalité recreates a natural phenomenon artificially. A brilliant ray of sunshine glitters under the thick foliage of the trees. On approaching, you can clearly see that it is in fact an illusion: a thousand small round mirrors swaying in the wind reflecting the light of day. The artwork follows natural rhythms. It reflects light blindingly brightly when the sun is at its highest point, gradually softening as night falls.
Set in a forest, this artwork creates an intimate relationship with the observer who is immersed in a dreamlike universe. Fragments de réalité fits perfectly into this wood, existing solely through the surrounding nature that it reflects, the wind that makes it shimmer and flicker, the light that diffracts through it.
From its 11-m high summit, this cone sends a shadow onto the ground in the shape of an oval measuring 6 m in diameter. Getting closer to the artwork, the visitor comes up against these dizzying dimensions and takes in the different perspectives, thus giving them a new vision of the space. Slowly, they are lulled by the poetry radiated by the flashes of light and the swaying of the mirrors in the wind.



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