TRUBAR, Trubar Literary House, permanent installation.




This year, Ljubljana will open the door of its literature house named after Primož Trubar, thus joining a number of European cities, such as Munich, Vienna, Hamburg, Salzburg, Cologne and Copenhagen, where these kinds of public institutions have already been operating for many years. The Trubar Literature House will be a centrally-located (2, Ribji trg / Fish Market Square) public space dedicated to literature and the book, where numerous events organised throughout the year will significantly contribute to the vibrant culturally-coloured city beat. The mission of the Trubar Literature House is to become the reference point for literature, the book and socio-critical reflection in the broader sense of the word. As a open space, members of different literary and intellectual groups pertaining to a variety of world views will here be able to exchange their opinions on cultural and societal issues of our time. The Literature House will offer programmes bringing together literary and artistic, as well as critical and reflexive aspects.
The literary and artistic programme will provide for literary events, festivals, readings, book presentations, creative workshops and visits of foreign writers and poets. Apart from well-established literary events, such as literary evenings, this public institution will promote innovative approaches combining literature with music, fine arts, puppet theatre and other artistic expressions. The Literature House will also provide support for projects promoting reading culture through the use of new technologies, such as the Internet, electronic books and blogs. The Trubar Literature House will thus bring together writers, poets, authors and artists of different profiles and with a variety of creative approaches. There will be a special programme dedicated to cultural education promoting reading culture and literary, as well as media and information literacy among the young population.Critical reflection on literature, culture and society is particularly needed when the media are influenced by the increasing pressure of commercialisation, coupled with a tabloidization and trivialisation of cultural and media content. The Trubar Literature House will, therefore, give the floor to the public, to theoreticians, critics and intellectuals, particularly those pertaining to younger generations, so that they can express their views on the changing cultural and social reality.There will be morning, afternoon and evening programmes. In the morning, the Literature House will function as a reading room (with a variety of professional journals and newspapers). During this time, it will be open to school visits, with students benefiting from a guided tour of an installation dedicated to Primož Trubar and a multimedia video presentation of Primož Trubar’s time of residence in Ljubljana. The afternoon programme will be a combination of workshops and gatherings of programme groups, while the evening programme will be dedicated to projects aimed at the general public.The programme will be carried out by programme groups and will be divided into prose, poetry, theory, a children’s programme, etc. These programme groups will be established through an invitation to the public and through direct invitations to established authors, intellectuals and educators. Apart from the selected programme groups, a variety of providers (publishing houses, cultural societies, literary groups, etc.) will be given the possibility to present their literary creations and organise workshops and round tables, as well as to promote their activities.The Trubar Literature House will become the headquarters of a new book club, a web portal on literature and the book and an exhibition space.Members of the book club, organised in various groups and sections, will be responsible for the programmes. A non-commercial web portal will report on all of the events with multimedia content, as well as offering expert reviews, critiques, theoretical views, critical articles, etc. Writers and poets, especially those belonging to the younger generation, will here be given the opportunity to present their creations to the broader public. The Trubar Literature House will provide free access to a selection of electronic books for which copyright will have been purchased. Registered visitors to the web portal will have the possibility to co-create online content, such as blogs and commentaries. The Literature House will be equipped with free wireless Internet access. The gallery will host occasional exhibitions and installations. During the Ljubljana World Book Capital Year, the Trubar Literature House will also function as an information centre hosting many promotional and other events, such as press conferences and talks.With this first literature house in Slovenia, Trubar’s legacy will finally be protected, while at the same time being made available to the public. The diversity and innovativeness of the programmes, aimed at various societal groups and all generations, represent the foundation needed for the attainment of a most ambitious goal: to turn the Trubar Literature House into the centre of Ljubljana literary, cultural and intellectual activities.

Trubar Literature House will open its doors on 2 September 2010.

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