TREE is realized with branches of a dead tree. These are installed as if the walls cut them and generate shadows that represent the missing leaves. Fundamental to the piece is the state of suspension caused by the cognitive process before recognizing the illusion. The shadow is the means through which we perceive the whole work and becomes a language between the past, the present and the future, death and life using the tree as a symbol of the natural cycle of life.

YouTube Preview Image

Site-specific Skuc gallery Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2015,  pic DK©

SCUK tree photoDK_Lupi 02 tree SKUC photoDK_Lupi 03

Site specific in Bologna Art fair 2015 (guidi&schoen gallery)

albero artefiera 2015

Site-specific Meinblau, Berlin, solo show “standpunkt” 2013

pic G.Castagnoli

Site specific in Obidos (obidos Luz) 2013

albero obidos pub 2


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